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Patent Alaska : “Control H2O”

Automatic humidity control for retarder-provers suitable to obtain absolute perfection also with big size breads  

Company Alaska, thanks to many years of research and testing, is able now to present the new revolutionary humidity extraction system “ControlH2O” which allow to use Retarder Provers also with big size breads and with high water contents like for example in Italy the bread “Pugliese” and moreover with breads completely without salt like for example “Toscano bread” or with not much salt like “Sciapo bread” manufactured in the center of Italy.  BREVETTO CONTROL H2O
The above mentioned breads, till now, couldn’t be treated with controlled proving process because it was not possible to extract the moisture excess.
During controlled proving process the moisture gathered both inside and on the surface of the bread causing the following defects : 
  • Surface with reddish colour
  • Glassy crust
  • Crumb heavy and not soft  
Thanks to our innovateive system “ControlH2O” now, also for these kinds of breads, it is possible to obtain a natural colour, a fragrant crust, a soft and light crumb like bread made in traditional way.   
The technical characteristics standing out our patented system  “ Control H2O”  are the following :
  • Increased evaporators ensuring an high humidity content during Cooling phase.
    Thanks to the big dimensions they are able to make the appropriated cooling keeping an high humidity content ;
  • Dehumidifier system “Control H2O” able to extract moinstening during Conservation.
    This unit, installed on the top of the cabinet, condenses the humidity present inside the cabinet in an appropriated battery and discharge the condensated water on the outside making in this way an efficacious dehumidification. 
  • Control board “Avant”  which allows to manage carefully the complete controlled proving process.
The cycle control is very precise because it can manage up to 14 phases where it is possible to adjust: temperature, relative humidity, ventilation speed


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Patent Alaska : “Control H2O”
Automatic humidity control for retarder provers ...