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State-of-the-art  fast water chiller to cool water from +18 to +3°C

The coil, inside which flows the drinking water to be cooled, is immersed into a tank filled up with water kept rough in state of melting ice. In such a way the drinking water is cooled fast without need of volumes to store of water. The fast water chillers are very compacts and they are ready to be hung above the mixer in order to have considerable saving of space. The innovative cooling system allows the following advantages:

  • Greatest hygienic security: no water stagnation inside the tank;
  • Highest savings: the use of aqueduct pressure avoid the additional cost for the pump;
  • Free from contamination risks: the coil with Freon is not in contact with the drinking water to cool;
  • Free from flooding risks: thanks to the absence of a tank to store the drinking water to cool

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  • Completely made in stainless steel
  • Condenser unit installed inside water chiller ( remote condenser on request only for models RR180 and RR300)


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