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Deep-freezer system suitable to handle racks for medium and large size production. Thanks to the modular construction, its depth can be adjusted according with the quantity, quality and thickness of products to be frozen. The inside of the standard version is made of AISI 304 stainless steel while the outside is made of zinc-plastified sheets. The insulation is achieved by means ofinjection of high density foamed polyurethane, thickness 10 cm. It is equipped with a rear door for racks exit. Defrosting by means of hot gas can be done automatically or manually on operator request.

New generation ALASKA AVANT electronic control panel :

  • Visible: backlit display with big letters visible at more than 10 m of distance;
  • Intuitive: pull-down menu at intuitive selection by the "rotary switch";

Way of working :

  • THROUGH TIME : blast-chilling and/or deep-freezing for a required time
  • THROUGH PROBE : blast-chilling and/or deep-freezing up to reaching of required temperature at product core.

For both it is possible to work also in HARD/SOFT way, more suitable for big products thanks to homogeneity of the temperature.

  • High-powered: continuous memory until 50 programs. Perpetual calendar with automatic management of day, month and year;
  • Graphic: it stores 50 days graphics of temperature;
  • HACCP: it stores all data and alarms of 50 days according to the sanitary rule HACCP;
  • Check-control : Display of active alarms on the control panel.

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  • Stainless steel inside, plastic coated¬†outside
  • Right door hinges (left hinges on request)
  • Remote refrigerating unit
  • Running with¬†freon R507
  • Air cooled condenser ( optional water cooled condenser)

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