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Dosa dosa-mix

Mixing and metering systems of the latest generation. This technology ensures quick and precise supply of required water at the set temperature. Extremely space-saving, machine casing completely of Aisi 304. User-friendly thanks to LCD 4.3” display and n. 8 function keys. It is provided with n. 50 programmes to set quantity, temperature, number of supply breaks and their duration, number of mixers (up to max. 3) performing the same programme. Provided with three inlet pipes to connect boiler, cooler and water main. Summer/winter switching simply by pressing a push-button. Water pre-drainage and possibility to cut it off from keyboard. Piercing probe to display the flour or dough temperature.

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  • Casing completely made of stainless steel Aisi 304
  • Display LCD 4.3" and 8 funciotn keys
  • 3 inlet pipes : boiler, cooler and water main
  • Equipped with piercing probe

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