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Series Avant-Garde

The dough retarder proofers allow the baker to organize his work better saving him from night work. As a matter of fact the product can be prepared during the day and, when ready for yeast activity, put into the dough retarder proofer that will give it back perfectly leavened and ready to bake at a determined time next morning. The working cycle in the dough retarder proofer is formed by the following phases:

  • Chilling: rapid cooling to block yeast activity (minimum possible temperature: -15°C)
  • Conservation: maintenance at low temperature (less than +4°C). Yeast activity remains blocked
  • Reawakening: temperature rises till +16°C
  • Rising: temperature rises gradually till the set value (maximum possible 40°C) and relative humidity is maintained as set
  • Rising block: the value of temperature drops at 10°C blocking the yeast activity and maintaining the product ready for bake. This system allows the baking of the product in more successive batches.


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Technical features lines Avantgarde and Frigopan :

  • Panels thickness 7 cm with external surface in pre-painted galvanized sheet
  • Reinforced floors made in stainless steel AISI 304 of 1.5 mm
  • Evaporators treated by cataphoresis corrosion resistant
  • Condensation drain pan made in stainless steel AISI 304
  • Distribution of air equal for all the length of the cabinet
  • Immersed electrode electronic humidifiers
  • Air extractor fans allowing air exchange and product oxygenation
  • Interconnecting Wi-Fi system according to Industry 4.0

Technical features line Avantgarde :

  • Programmable color Touch Screen controller 9“
  • Time trend for: temperature, humidity and programmable fan speed
  • Inside panels surface made in stainless steel AISI 304
  • Door locking device

Technical features line Frigopan:

  • Programmable color Touch Screen controller 7“
  • Inside panels surface made in pre-painted galvanized sheet

Options for lines Avantgarde and Frigopan:

  • Reinforced floor with additional stainless steel sheet
  • Stainless steel AISI 304 external panels surface
  • Sound insulating refrigerating unit with housing
  • Water cooled refrigerating unit
  • Special dimensions


Logo Industry 4.0Alaska Industry 4.0
State-of-the-art technology in compliance with the specifications of Industry 4.0 industrial

Production is always under control:

  • Interconnection: lab equipment is internally interconnected and connects via the Internet to the Customer and the service centres
  • Automation: dialogue between the different devices in the lab
  • Remote control: operation can be monitored and modified via smartphone and/or computer
  • Remote monitoring: warning messages can be received on smartphones and/or computers
  • Software update: updated software versions can be easily downloaded
  • Remote assistance: when an alarm occurs, automatic connection to approved service centres for control and intervention if necessary
  • Planned maintenance: automatic booking of periodical checks





CONTRO H2O LOGO piccoloIn 2008 we patented an advanced humidity control system that allows you to get great results with big size breads.  Please visit our page dedicated to our innovative system "Control H2O"



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