Water dosing and mixing unit

Innovative dosing and mixing unit able to quickly and accurately supply the desired water quantity at the set temperature. Extremely reduced in size and with body made entirely in AISI 304 stainless steel.

Feeding the mixer with chilled water ensures that the dough is always at the desired final temperature, regardless of the external ambient conditions. This allows to obtain a consistently high-quality end product at all times, even through the use of automatic equipment.


4.3” LCD control panel

  • Possibility to set temperature, liters, number of unloadings and pause between unloadings
  • Up to 50 customizable programs
  • Temperature needle probe to check flour or dough temperature
  • Summer/winter operating modes
  • Built-in software function for recommended water temperature calculation based on final dough temperature desired, environment temperature, flour temperature and mixer overheating degrees
  • Water pre-unloading disabling function
  • Optional 3-mixers kit connection management

Available models


Allows to set the desired water quantity and temperature


Allows to set the desired water quantity, and displays the current water temperature

Technical data

ModelWater dosing sensitivity [lt]Water temperature sensitivity [°C]Output flow rate [lt/min]Width L [cm]Depth P [cm]Height H [cm]Storable programs [n]Maximum absorbed power [kW]Voltage [Volt/F/Hz]

Technical features

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