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Climabiga Cabinet

Fermentation/conservation cabinet for raw bread dough, able to store n.4 plastic boxes 60x40x27h cm and manage up to 60 kg of product. By controlling the temperature, the dough fermentation process can be slowed down to find it ready to be used at the desired time, even up to 72 hours after its preparation.




Fans speed

Controlled fermentation advantages

Perfect dough

The raw bread dough ferments and is stored at controlled temperature, to obtain a final product of the highest quality, regardless of the different environment conditions or seasons

Less afternoon and weekend work

Going to the bakery to refresh the dough daily during afternoons or weekends is no longer needed

Efficiency and cost reduction

Thanks to the optimization of personnel use and the increased standardization of the productive process

Controlled fermentation cycle

Thanks to its temperature management, the Controlled Fermentation cycle allows with its 3(+1) phases to delay and control the dough fermentation process, to have it fermented and ready for use at the desired time.


The dough is cooled at low temperature, fermentation is blocked


Temperature remains low, fermentation is still suspended


The temperature slowly reaches the desired value, fermentation is resumed and completed

Fermentation block

Optional step to block the fermentation process once again by reducing the temperature, useful to keep the dough ready for use at a later time

7” touch screen control panel for Industry 4.0

New 7” capacitive and high-resolution touch screen control panel, with intuitive programming and placed on the door for ease of access.

Equipped with Alaska Software BIGA4 with: con:

  • Set and current values always displayed
  • Manual mode for Cooling, Slowdown, Fermentation and Fermentation block
  • Automatic mode with complete Controlled Fermentation cycles, customisable in each phase
  • Programmable start and finish cycle times
  • Tabular HACCP log with temperature and humidity history, downloadable on USB
  • Wifi for interconnection with Turri Group Web Platform

Technical data

ModelExternal width L [cm]External depth P [cm]External height H [cm]Total plastic boxes cm 60x40x27h capacity (*)Product quantity [kg]Maximum absorbed power [kW]Voltage [Volt/F/Hz]
AB 40 1P7974,32054600.55230/1/50

(*) With standard equipment of n.4 pairs of guide and plastic coated grids included (plastic boxes not included)

Technical features

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