Slow proofing

The retarder proofer allows, by controlling humidity and temperature, to delay and control the dough rising. The process ensures a perfectly leavened product, ready to be baked at the desired time.

Retarder Proofer advantages

No more night-time work

The product can be prepared during the day and put into the retarder proofer, to get it the next morning perfectly leavened and ready for baking at the desired time

Higher and constant product quality

The productive process becomes repeatable and is not influenced by the environment temperature

Cost reduction

Thanks to the optimization of personnel use and the increased standardization of the productive process

Retarder Proofer cycle

Thanks to its humidity and temperature control, the Retarder Proofer cycle allows with its 4(+1) separate phases to delay and control the leavening process and obtain a perfectly leavened product at the desired time.


Rapid cooling to block yeast activity


The product is kept at low temperature, the rising process is still suspended


The temperature begins to slowly rise, the rising process restarts


The proofer slowly reaches the set temperature and humidity, the rising process is completed

Rising block

Optional step to block the rising once again by reducing the temperature, useful to keep the product ready for baking at a later time