Accumulation Water Chillers

Water chillers with tank

Designed to cool down the water used in the dough mixing phase to a value between +18 °C and +3 °C. The direct refrigeration system with accumulation tank ensures high capacity and flexibility of use.

Chilled water for high-quality dough

Feeding the mixer with chilled water ensures that the dough is always at the desired final temperature, regardless of the external ambient conditions. This allows to obtain a consistently high-quality end product at all times, even through the use of automatic equipment.

Direct refrigeration system

Once the tank has been filled, the chiller brings the whole water volume down to the set temperature, to a minimum of +3°C, ready for the next use. This system allows to have a refrigerated water supply equal to the whole tank content, to be used even all at the same time, making accumulation water chillers the most flexible solution for high productions.

Accumulation water chillers advantages

High capacity

The whole tank is filled with water that is cooled down to the desired temperature

Flexibility of use

The whole content of the tank can be used at the same time

Constant temperature

The accumulation system ensures a constant temperature water flow

Available models

Accumulation water chillers are available in several models that differ in:

Tank capacity

Maximum refrigerated water quantity that can be supplied in one time

Hourly production rate

Maximum number of liters that the refrigerator can cool down from +18 °C to +3 °C in one hour. This value must be considered especially in case of intensive and constant usage such as for continuous cycle mixing

Technical data

ModelTank capacity [lt]Hourly production rate [lt/h]Width L [cm]Depth P [cm]Height H [cm]Remote unitMounted on wheelsMaximum absorbed power [kW]Voltage [Volt/F/Hz]
S 100/100100807055116OptionalStandard1,5230/1/50
S 200/1502001507055156OptionalStandard1,8230/1/50
S 400/30040030080105167OptionalStandard4400/3/50
B 400/15040015080105167OptionalStandard1,4400/3/50
S 600/450600450105110156StandardNo3,1400/3/50
S 1000/6001000600105110190StandardNo7400/3/50
A 1000/4501000450105110190StandardNo3,9400/3/50

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