Jolly Gastronomy

Conservation cabinet for gastronomy

Conservation cabinet specifically designed for the Gastronomy sector, ideal for professional kitchens and laboratories. The airflow inside the cabinet is studied to wrap the product as gently and homogenously as possible. Available in the TN version (-2°C / 10°C) and BT version (-25°C / -10°C), with interior set up for either 60x40 or 60x80 trays.

Main features

  • Structure completely made of stainless steel AISI 304
  • 75 mm high-density polyurethane insulation
  • Tropicalized refrigeration unit
  • Automatic defrosting

Control panel

  • Adjustable conservation temperature
  • Adjustable evaporator fan speed
  • Humidity management (only on TN models)
  • HACCP alarm log
  • Wi-Fi connection kit for Industry 4.0 remote supervision (optional)
  • RS485 serial port for connection with external supervision system (optional)

Available models


Normal Temperature
-2 / +10 °C


Low Temperature
-22 / -10 °C

1 Door

2 Doors

2 Half-doors

1 Temperature

2 Temperatures

Technical data

ModelDoors [n]Half-doors [n]Number of independent temperaturesTemperature range [°C]Temperature range for second independent comparment [°C]External width L [cm]External depth P [cm]External height H [cm]Depth with door open W [cm]GN1/2 grids + relative pairs of guides included [n]Maximum GN1/2 grids capacity - with pitch 53 mm (#)Maximum absorbed power [kW]
JGN1 TN 1P 11-2 /+107581,5208151,1326 (23)0,2
JGN1 BT 1P11-22 / -107585208154,6324 (21)0,6
JGN1 TN 2SP21-2 /+107581,5208151,1422 (18)0,2
JGN1 BT 2SP21-22 / -107585208154,6420 (16)0,6
JGN1 TN/TN 2SP22-2 /+10-2 /+107585208154,649+10 (15)0,6
JGN1 TN/BT 2SP22-2 /+10 -10/+227585208154,649+10 (15)0,7
JGN2 TN 2P21-2 /+1015081,5208151,1652 (46)0,4
JGN2 BT 2P21-22 / -1015085208154,6648 (42)0,9
JGN2 TN 1P 2SP121-2 /+1015081,5208151,1748 (41)0,4
JGN2 BT 1P 2SP121-22 / -1015085208154,6744 (37)0,9
JGN2 TN 4SP41-2 /+1015081,5208151,1844 (36)0,4
JGN2 BT 4SP41-22 / -1015085208154,6840 (32)0,9
JGN2 TN/TN 2P21-2 /+1015081,5208151,1652 (46)0,5
JGN2 TN/BT 2P22-2 /+10 -10/+2215085208154,6648 (42)0,8
JGN2 TN/BT 1P 2SP122-2 /+10 -10/+2215085208154,6744 (37)0,8

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(#) In brackets is shown the number of GN1/2 grids and relative pairs of guides to be added to the standard equipement to reach the indicated capacity and pitch

Technical features

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